Gravure XCMYK in Korea

This is the first Gravure XCMYK test run performed anywhere in the world.

Cylinder maker Namjoo, Mr.YoungSeok Park, Printer is Soojoung Corp., Mr. Lee. Support Media Machine, Mr.Young-Yeop Jang, Ink is Sungbo Ink.


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The Room Inside the Press

One of my customers has a press so large it even has a really cool room inside it…

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New Press in New England 

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The Inkball Revisited

If you go far enough in the blog (back to 2011… ¬† you can see the start of an inkball at Keystone in New Hampshire. Now 6 years later is an updated view!

George and Dana with the update ink balls!

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XCMYK Phoenix

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G7 to Asia

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XCMYK Test Run 26, Phoenix

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G7 Expert Hong Kong

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Another New HUV in New England

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XCMYK testing at RIT using high pigment inks

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